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Your Moment… Your Memory… Your Night Sky

My Sky Moment Idea Lab

1. Remember a Treasured Moment: Whether it was last century or last week, life is filled with memorable once-in-a-lifetime first moments. There’s only one night sky. So why not give the gift of “firsts” with My Sky Moment? Whether it be a baby’s first breath, a first date, a first car, a first day in a new city, or a first house, mark this monumental time in your or a loved one’s life with this unique memento.

2. Capture the Day: Is this your special moment? Perfect for Graduations, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Christenings, and any special milestone that you will never want to forget. Preserve the stars in the night sky that shine down on your special moment today.

3. Look to the Future: Are you attending a destination Wedding? Looking forward to a fresh start? Anticipating a graduation? Setting a goal? Mark that magical moment in the heavens and reach for the stars!

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Babies & Children, Birthday Presents, Weddings & Anniversaries, Treasured Memories, Holiday Gifts

Create your Moment! What magical moment would you like to capture? Select a date and location. We’ll recreate the stars and constellations overhead on your own customized map of the sky!

Personalize It! What would you like to say?
It’s time to create your own custom sky map. Add your recipient’s name and even your own personalized message. Choose from a selection of font sizes and styles

Select a Color! With different colors and layouts, you can customize your personalized star chart to fit your desired aesthetic.

Frame it! Select from our beautiful framing options. Your Personalized sky map will arrive ready to display!

Ship It! We have multiple shipping options available, including FedEx. You will be able to track your My Sky Moment star chart in real time, to make sure it lands right at your doorstep from “outer space”.

Let’s get started. What day will you memorialize on your My Sky Moment custom sky map?

Birth date / Wedding date / Day you met your sweetheart / Date you got engaged / Graduation day / Birth dates of your children and family / Announcement of surprise vacation or an upcoming destination wedding / Confirmation or Christening / The stars over your new home / The day you opened your business…

… or any day that holds a special place in your heart!

★ Valentine’s Day
★ Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
★ Birthdays