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Welcome to My Sky Moment ™ by International Star Registry. 

Your Memory… Your Moment… Your Night Sky…


My Sky Moment is a uniquely personalized star map depicting the night sky on a special date from any location in the world. Whether you are looking to celebrate the birth of a new baby, commemorate the life of a grandparent born very far away, or picture the night sky at an upcoming destination wedding, you can immortalize the moment with this beautiful and uniquely personalized star chart.

Every memory is unique and irreplaceable, much like the night sky.

The My Sky Moment custom star chart measures 16” x 20”and comes in an array of colors. Options also include canvas printing and framed packages to make your unique map of the night sky a great addition to any home.


History meets technology… and the results are beautiful.

My Sky Moment™ combines an ancient stargazing tool, the planisphere (Latin planisphaerium), used as far back as the second century by the astronomer Ptolemy with modern scientific methods.

This ancient technology of the Planisphere displays the brightest stars and constellations viewable in the night sky from a specific location anywhere on Earth in a 2 dimensional format.

We combined this historic technique with modern astronomical information. The imagery used to produce the My Sky Moment star map is derived from some of the largest ground- and space-based astronomical surveys.

The visible data comes from a combination of surveys: the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the Digital Sky Survey Consortium, the NASA and ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the European Space Agency’s Hipparcos mission

The resulting personalized custom star map makes a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home.

For Birthday, Holidays, Romance, Graduations, or any day that calls for a heartfelt and original gift, My Sky Moment is a perfect choice. What day is most special in your heart? The place and time you met your sweetheart? The day you welcomed a new baby into your home? A timeless souvenir of beautiful moonlit cruise? A significant moment in your family’s history?


We have been bringing the universe to families for nearly 40 years. Using top quality printing and charting techniques, we have created the My Sky Moment personalized star chart as a meaningful remembrance of the most special moments in your life. This print of the night sky is quickly and expertly created on heavy photo stock paper with professional custom framing available to suit any décor.

The gift of a My Sky Moment™ custom sky map of the night sky lets your most personal and significant memories live on forever.


Prices start at just $49.95 plus S&H.


About International Star Registry

International Star Registry® had been producing celestial gifts since 1979. We have named over 2 million stars for celebrities, dignitaries, royalty, and individuals worldwide. My Sky Moment is our newest product. Using top quality printing and charting techniques, we connect the cosmic constellations to your most personal memories. We are located in Glenview Illinois and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  International Star Registry produces the only published catalog of star names in the world.


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