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1st Moments



There’s only one night sky. So why not give the gift of firsts with "My Sky Moment"? Whether it be a first date, first car, or first house, mark this monumental time in your name or a loved one’s life with this unique memento.
Give the happy couple a view they should never forget: the way the stars looked on their magical night. "My Sky Moment" is a perfect wedding gift that connects the two newlyweds to the natural wonder that is outer space.
Is there a little bundle of joy in your life? Commemorating the birth of a child as a Sky Moment is a magical connection between the child in your life, and the cosmos above.

Create a Custom Sky Map of your Night Sky Today


You can personalize your Sky Moment with a selection of colors and layouts, to fit your desired aesthetic.

Create Your Sky Map


Receive your sky map custom framed and ready to display! The 16” x 20” sleek black wood frame is designed to suit any décor.

Create Your Sky Map


We have multiple shipping options available, including UPS. You will be able to track your Sky Moment in real time, to make sure it lands right at your door from outer space.

Create Your Sky Map

Capture the moment with a unique custom star map! See the stars and constellations overhead as they appeared in the night sky at any date and from any location on Earth with My Sky Moment. What stars were sparkling in the night sky on the day you were married? What constellations were overhead on the day you welcomed your child into the world? Where and when were your grandparents born? Whether you are buying a customized star chart for yourself or you are planning a truly memorable surprise gift, you can always see which stars were shining brightly for you on your once-in-a-lifetime day. You know your chart will be perfect! My Sky Moment is a product of International Star Registry®, the “star naming people”, a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. You are not naming a star with My Sky Moment, but we have been inviting people to buy a star kit to name a star in the night sky for nearly 40 years. We have helped countless customers buy a star kit and have their star name permanently recorded and copyrighted in the only published listing of named stars in the world. We stand by our products and use only top quality printing and charting techniques. You design your My Sky Moment personalized star chart and we will produce and ship it anywhere. These beautiful High Resolution My Sky Moment star charts are printed on heavyweight professional photo stock in a variety of colors to match your décor.

Preserve a special moment anywhere on Earth with My Sky Moment, it’s a gift that will

always be remembered. Learn more about zodiac signs and constellations in the night sky and what your birth sign says about you!