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Immortalize Your Greatest Moments

Sometimes the stars align in the night sky and everything in the universe seems to be moving in your favor. These moments are rare, and should always be remembered.
Give someone special a personalized gift in honor of their special day.

Whether they are celebrating an achievement, a rite of passage, or a wonderful stroke of luck, these are the good times in our lives that deserve to be remembered with a custom sky map celebrating their day.
Some Milestones include:

The Day You Met: Capture the day that changed your life forever, when you met “the one” and your life was changed forever.

The First Kiss: Was it on a moonlit night, under a starry night sky? Show your sweetheart that your hearts became one that special day by commemorating the moment your journey of love began.

Christenings, Communions, Confirmations: Remember these days of singular religious significance with a beautiful My Sky Moment personalized sky map showing how the stars aligned in Heaven on this day.

Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah: Say Mazel Tov to the new adult in your life! Congratulate them with My Sky Moment, so they remember their magical day forever.
Graduations: My Sky Moment is a perfect gift for the grad who has reached for the stars. They are filled with hope and pride, with their entire lives ahead of them. This unique certificate will commemorate the day their life-changing certificate was handed to them.

First Home: Whether it’s the day you finally put down roots, or if you are congratulating a friend on making the big leap, My Sky Moment makes a perfect housewarming gift. Celebrate the future that lies ahead in a new home, or even with a last mortgage payment!

Are you a realtor? You can present this very personal gift of the stars over your client’s new home on closing day!

First job or Retirement: Do you know someone who just landed their first job? Welcome them into the workforce with a view of the cosmos on that first day with My Sky Moment.

Do you have and exceptional co-worker who is moving on to a life of leisure? Remember their years of service with a truly personal memento of the day it all began.

Achievements and Awards: There are some achievements in life that should never be overlooked. Whether it’s scaling a mountain, finishing a marathon, getting a promotion, or winning a hot dog-eating contest, My Sky Moment will help keep these achievements alive forever by giving a special view of the stars of the sky, to the stars in your life.
If you are celebrating the day love walked into your life, 20 years in business, or baby’s first steps, let us help you celebrate those memories by saving that moment in time.

My Sky Moment is another high quality product by International Star Registry, the people who introduced the world to the concept that you can buy a star kit and name a star. We have been bringing the universe to individuals everywhere since 1979! Using professional quality printing and charting technology, we create custom sky charts featuring the most special moments in your life. You are not naming a star with My Sky Moment. You are capturing a moment in time with a sky map you create yourself showing the stars directly overhead on your magical day.
Presenting a personalized My Sky Moment planisphere style map of the night sky overhead on a special day makes a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone on your gift list.

These special moments in time will be preserved forever.
We will produce your My Sky Moment™ sky chart on high quality, heavyweight photographic paper depicting the night sky in high resolution. Custom colors, printing on canvas, and professional framing options are available so you can create a package to express your unique personality and suit any décor.

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